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Film by Devin Horan / Pre-production
Written by Devin Horan / Margherita Malerba / Gary J. Shipley

Drugs and consciousness, pulp, dilation, stomach, tentacles, mud, meat, reptilian brain, dead dogs, meat brain opening, war, sex, soul, fluids, guns, architecture, scorpion, needles, molecules, geometry, paranoia, cruelty.

“…We’re what’s left. The joyful surplus. We are blood pouring out of space. Do you notice how this place is bad for headaches? It’s hard sometimes to move for them. It’s the pressure here. The water helps. The men will starve because the men have no use for themselves. The world was self-inflicted, but would you oblige this time?…..”



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Film by Devin Horan / Pre- production

“While you could say of some of Masson’s paintings that he has assembled erotic elements therein, their role is to echo the most violent shapes in the human nightmare by bringing them, in accordance with the mind’s wishes, to the state of idealized shapes whose hallucinatory nature nonetheless echoes their subhuman origin.” – Georges Limbour